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Johnson Systems Inc.

Strand CD80® Racks
CD-2000+ Upgrade Dimming Control System

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ETL ApprovalJohnson Systems Inc. products are ETL listed and comply fully with UL508 and CSA22.2 No 184 electrical safety approvals. This Internationally recognized safety approval covers the entire assembly specifically for installation into an existing UL approved enclosure (OEM rack) and in no way compromises the electrical safety of the overall system. Official documents available on request.

Designed for dimming system retrofit where it is necessary to re-use existing low voltage wiring and back boxes. These systems contain architectural software that work with our 2800 Series Retrofit Control Stations thereby permitting a fast, cost-effective full facility retrofit solution. Multi-rack networking allows for quick programming at the assigned "Master Rack" and ease of peripheral control termination. Intuitive "prompting" software menu structure eliminates the need for a PC or external programmer. Easily phone supported with a toll free phone call! These systems are designed for large single room applications such as theaters, churches, television studios, school auditoriums and other similar facilities.

Johnson Systems Inc.

    Johnson Systems Inc.
Retrofit Many systems can be upgraded in a few hours at a fraction of the cost (typically 10-20%) of complete dimming system replacement alternatives. Furthermore, electrical contracting is eliminated in most cases further reducing costs and facility downtime.
Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI
Upgraded Strand CD80® Supervisor Rack
Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI
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  • The engineered solution for CD80® dimmer racks. Replaces the old electronic card cage with new state-of-the-art control electronics. Upgrades any vintage of rack in minutes.
  • A full-featured cost-effective solution for rack owners requiring a long-term, user-friendly front end for their dimmer rig.
  • Compatible with O.E.M. dimmer rack wiring for fast easy installation.
  • Dual opto-isolated DMX inputs with built in protocol manager.
  • 16 analog inputs and an infrared LED link for wireless printouts of programmed data.
  • Modular design with only two "plugable" modules.
  • Site programmable via a user-friendly, intuitive and self-prompting menu structure. No laptop computer or special software is required!
  • Powerful architectural software features include DMX snapshots, power management and over 40 more.
  • Auxiliary 128 channel DMX output for incorporation of peripheral DMX devices into the system's architectural control.
  • Supports all Johnson Systems control stations.
  • Networking between multiple CD-2000+'s allows for integrated control of multi-rack installations.
  • Up to 10 year product warranty available!

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The CD-2000+ Upgrade Dimming Control System makes expensive replacement of Strand CD80® dimming systems unnecessary.

Model Description
CD-2000+A Strand CD80® AMX racks.
CD-2000+AE Strand CD80® Advanced Electronic racks.
CD-2000+SV Strand CD80® Supervisor racks.
CD-2000+RR Strand CD80® 96 Channel rolling racks (2 x 48).

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CS-2809 StationFor retrofit preset and
DMX snapshot control stations,
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Plug & Play CD80 Power Modules

Non-Dim "air gap" relay
Power Modules available!