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Green Technology 3000+ Series
Retrofit Control Systems

QuicklinksYour lights aren't working and you have been told the Dimmer Control System is 'unsupported', 'obsolete', and 'unserviceable'. Your facility is facing weeks of downtime with a bill beyond your budget — and you have been told to find another repair solution... For over 30 years we have been supporting facilities like yours with timely solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Engineered Direct Retrofit Control Systems for many common performance and architectural dimming systems including:

  • Strand C21
  • Strand CD80 SV (Supervisor)
  • Strand CD80 AE (Advanced Electronics)
  • Strand CD80 AMX Generation
  • Strand DE90 (Digital Environ)
  • Electronics Diversified/Cooper Mark X (MX)
  • ETLJohnson Systems Inc. products are ETL listed and comply fully with UL508 and CSA22.2 electrical safety approvals. This Internationally recognized safety approval covers the entire assembly specifically for installation into an existing UL approved enclosure (OEM rack) and in no way compromises the electrical safety of the overall system. Official documents available on request.

    Strand LightingJSI CD-3000+ Electronics Diversified
    Strand Lighting
    Electronics Diversified
    Universal Dimmer Controller Presidor™ Wall Station
    Universal Dimmer Controller
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